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Added on 11-Feb-2007

John Elliott, Social Affairs Correspondent WE will, we will blog you! Brian May, the Queen guitarist, who performed with Freddie Mercury on some of rock music’s most rousing anthems, has reemerged as rock’s most prolific blogger. However, while the band in its heyday was known for its unabashed hedonism, May at 59, with an estimated fortune of £75m, now appears more interested in the settling of scores.

Up to half-a-dozen times a day May is updating his personal blog on his official website, with swipes at bogus fans who want autographs only to sell on eBay, his frustrations with his overheating home computer, and his reflections on astronomy, a subject which he once studied for a PhD.

For anyone who might think that life as a rock star is all fun and glamour — in one ico

Worse still, that night saw a joke about May’s famously long black curly hair and that of his wife, Anita Dobson, who sported a similar style when she played Angie Watts in EastEnders during the 1980s. “The guy who was MCing the event — Suggs, the singer from Madness — introduced me with a sad old joke about my and Anita’s hair. Ha frigging ha. How disappointing people can be.”

May — whose success with Queen has brought him a mansion in Surrey and a house in Kensington, west London — also vents his annoyance with his new Apple Mac computer, complaining that it will not let him colour-code his computer files in the way he wishes and also gets hot. Despite putting a “pharmaceutical cold pack” underneath the machine, he rails against “the HEAT!! The AWFUL HEAT . . . it’s utter misery . . . it STILL burns my thighs . . . and makes me break out in a sweat after about 20 minutes. This really sucks”.

May’s hatred of smoking is the subject of many entries but he also reveals other bugbears. An otherwise enjoyable day watching cricket at the Oval prompts the reflection: “Mobile camera phones, the bane of anybody-famous’s life these days.”

However, May, who used to perform frivolous songs such as Fat Bottomed Girls and Tie Your Mother Down, writes in deadly earnest when he gets on to the subject of hunting, animal testing and cruelty to animals in general.

His blog entry for November 5 last year sees him in a furious state: “Couldn’t sleep. Was depressed all day, after seeing on the TV news those horrible insensitive cruel bastards in red coats, smirking about how they can still get away with their disgusting primitive pastime, flouting the law of the land.” Plans by the American state of Wisconsin to slaughter nonnative swans, and a project to eradicate hedgehogs from the Hebridean island of Uist, prompt May to cry “JUST STOP IT, you morons”.

On the subject of the stingray that killed Steve Irwin, the daredevil Australian naturalist, last year May rages: “I cannot believe that some Aussies have been out there ‘avenging’ the death of Steve Irwin — by mutilating innocent stingrays . . . You stupid, stupid, ignorant misguided idiots.”

When he turns his attention to astronomy, May demands to be taken seriously. He is irritated by a review of Bang! The Complete History of the Universe, a book that he co-wrote with Sir Patrick Moore, presenter of BBC television’s The Sky at Night, and Chris Lintott. The review suggested that the book is best for “younger readers”.

May responds: “Most astronomers, whom I regard as more competent to make a judgment in this area, have thought the book very suitable for first year undergraduate studies of astronomy.”

The life of Brian

'Back to reading recent astronomical papers on research into Zodiacal Dust. Oh, and we have a Queen band meeting tomorrow! Who am I? Cheers, Bri'

'I swear I will use all my to try to turn the human race around... and make it head towards something we can be proud of. It will not be easy'

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