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Added on 13-Dec-2004

The most popular Belgian radio station 'Donna'airplays every year a list of the best songs ever. In 2000, they did the top 2000, in 2001 it was the top 2001 and so on. So this year they plan to airplay the 'Top 2004'. For many many years (since Freddie's dead)(note: Donna was born at the end of '91) Bohemian Rhapsody has been the number One.

Since a few years, Donna is heavily promoting songs as 'summer of 69' (bryan adams) as they think 'Bo Rhap' at no. 1 is getting a little bit too boring.

Crap, of course.

Do what a man has got to do!

Visit and look for 'top 2004'.

Puss och kram.


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