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Don't Look For A ''Rock:Star Queen'', Says ArticleThis article from discusses band replacement singers, being done with televised talent competitions such as ''RockStar: INXS'' and at the end says don't look for a ''RockStar: Queen'' to ever happen, as Paul Rodgers has locked up the fronting, lead vocalist position.

''Picking replacements that fit in nicely''

Oct 2, 2005

''It sounded like a particularly ghoulish idea - this summer's trend of replacing dead members of established acts through reality show runoffs. But it turned out kind of sweet.''

''INXS was looking to replace lead singer Michael Hutchence, who hanged himself in a Sydney, Australia, hotel room in 1997, on its CBS show ''Rock Star: INXS.'' And TLC was looking to replace rapper Lisa ''Left Eye'' Lopes, who died in a car crash in Honduras in 2002, on its UPN show ''R U the Girl.''

''The process to find these new members was reality-show boilerplate: ''American Idol'' meets ''The Apprentice.'' The remaining members (with help from reality-show producers, natch) select some finalists. The finalists live in a house, where their lives are taped. They go through music-related challenges and are booted off one by one until a winner is chosen.''

''Rock Star: INXS'' included public voting, though the remaining members always made the final decision on who stayed and who went. On ''R U the Girl,'' TLC's T-Boz and Chilli made the decisions themselves.''

''I know, I know. Still sounds ghoulish.''

''What saved both shows is that in the end, INXS and TLC, whether they recognized it or not, selected the contestants that were most like the bandmates they had lost.''

''INXS picked J.D. Fortune, a former Elvis impersonator from Ontario, Canada, as its new singer. Those who want to give the 31-year-old the benefit of the doubt won't call him a Michael Hutchence impersonator, but even they can't deny that his deep voice and intense delivery resembles Hutchence in his ''Need You Tonight'' heyday. Even his original song, ''Pretty Vegas'' sounds like an INXS track, so much so that it's already the band's new single from its album, ''Switch,'' due Nov.29.''

''TLC picked O'so Krispie, a choreographer from Atlanta, to work on the group's new single, ''I Bet,'' and possibly collaborate on future projects. Though T-Boz and Chilli were taken aback by how much another finalist, Mirrah, looked like Left Eye at a photo shoot, they didn't seem to notice how much O'so Krispie acted and sounded like Left Eye, from her quirky sense of humor to her brash style.''

''And that's what made these shows sweet. Despite all the outside pressures, from the business world, the TV audience and, no doubt, from within the groups, they essentially didn't change course. They made the same decision they made when they first started out.''

''For INXS, it would have made more sense to go with the ambitious Marty Casey or even the mild-mannered (and wildly popular) MiG Ayesa, to give the band a new start. Now, they have a singer who will remind people that Hutchence is gone and that the replacement is not quite as good.''

''For TLC, the duo could have gone with the spiritual, low-key Mirrah or even Meah, whom the ladies dubbed ''Black Britney'' (after Mrs. Spears-Federline) but came to respect. But that wouldn't have given them the right chemistry. ''Sexy'' and ''Cool'' felt they still needed ''Crazy.''

''It was touching that these groups didn't go for the test-marketed choice. As this trend continues, though, that's going to change.''

''Survivor'' mastermind Mark Burnett, who produced ''Rock Star'' already is looking for a follow-up. Don't hold your breath for ''Rock Star: Queen,'' which Bad Company veteran Paul Rodgers has locked up for the current tour. Or ''Rock Star: The Doors,'' which has gone to The Cult's Ian Astbury.''

''Maybe we can hold out hope for ''Rock Star: Van Halen.'' It would be interesting to see if the Van Halens and Michael Anthony would go for another David Lee Roth. As INXS showed, wha

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