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Added on 01-Jun-2007

Apple Inc. announced yesterday the launch of iTunes Plus, a new worldwide portal for the company's popular iTunes Music Store that will sell only DRM-free music. The premium tracks will go for $1.39, 40 cents more than most regular songs, and be encoded at a higher bit rate. But no more geek talk. Here's what you need to know PATRICK WHITE From Friday's Globe and Mail June 1, 2007 at 9:07 AM EDT What is DRM? DRM stands for digital rights management, an all-encompassing term for the meddlesome scrambling and inscription systems that control what you can do with digital audio and video files. The most common form of DRM limits the number of times you can copy a file. Found on CDs and DVDs, DRM can also restrict the use of a digital file to a single device or a single continent

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