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Added on 22-Dec-2002

A Dutch DJ made an alternative (regret) lyric, what will be performed by the dutch queen coverband Miracle. Queen also did hit high in the TOp 2000 of all times.

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Sat a go go :)

I just arrived from the (television)-recordings of Radio2000AGoGo, the dutch tv=program what is boradcasted to "suport" the

radio broadcasting of the top 2000 of all times (as aired from December 25th at radio 2, Holland).

And now I bother you with some words about it, if you don’t mind!

The evening started remarkable.

In Holland it is tradition that the paper-boys come along the house with Christmas wishes at the end of the year, and so it happened tonight as well. I opened the door, the boy did his wish and said that I was wearing a cool t shirt.

What is right, it is the Queen crest logo shirt, glittering gold, from the US Queen convention. It appeared that this guy is a huge queen fan as well and joined many Queen meetings as well.

Okay, he was gone and it was time for me to go to the place where the recordings

Should be made, on occasion of the “top 2000”, the 2000 best songs, that are always broadcasted at the Dutch radio at the end of the year.

I went for my (4 minutes) walk to the studio, what was transformed to a pub where about 80 people were gathered, who all

did their best to be funny and in a "pub-mood". It went on better after a while, when there was way more beer served..

The mood was already good at the start, as when I came in it appeared that the Dutch Kiss fanclub was present with some people

painted in the colors of Ace and his friends.

The recordings were about the registration of the last evening that will be escorting the radio performance of the

top 2000 of all times, what is traditionally broadcasted in the last week of the year at a dutch radio station (see the

links below)

The show contained a quizz about the most important clips from the chart (chosen by the dutch listeners to that radio station, see the

links below) with some "known" persons, short questions who was whose favorite.

Funny detail was that they did make a longer item about Deep Purples' "smoke on the water", what is based on the fire that

broke loose when Purple was recording.

In the mountan studio's in Montreux, there were some moments that you can see the studios, so another reason for us

queen fans to be alert on the broadcasting.

In the end there was an interview with the disk jockey who did start the action to get Queen out of the #1 position of

the chart. He explained why he wanted it (more surprises in the list were welcome) and he told that he realized that it is

the choice of the listeners if they want Borhap at #1 again. I am not telling here what happened with the top 5, just watch

it or read it in later postings!

The disk jockey told about his excuse in public, what resulted in lyrics that he made at Borhap, what is recorded by

Miracle and will be broadcasted in a one hour show December 24th, again at Dutch radio.

The dutch Queen coverband Miracle did record it and we are (as usual) very impressed.

*I saw them alive yesterday and was again impressed, they rock so well!!*.

They will be talkkng about the recordiings in that show and as well there will be the first airing of the dutch version of

Bohemian Rhapsody (de boheemse spijtoptant).

In short.. A nice evening, with enough queen related items to make it intresting. And though it is typical Dutch, the radio station

and the things that happened, I can recommend it to give it a look if you get the chance.

What you might need to know if you wanna follow something about it...

# December 24th, 13.00 - 14.00 (dutch time) THe dutch queen cover band Miracle talks about the making of the Dutch version of the

Bohemian Rhapsody, with the regret-lyrics from the disk jockey Frits Spits

* The song will be broadcasted alive at the end of the show.

* The making of the single can be watched at

(real player or audio)

* From December 25th on the Top 2000 of all times will b

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