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Added on 31-Aug-2008

Here’s the Clog’s quickfire preview of the new Queen + Paul Rodgers album:The Cosmos Rocks, while characterised by having Rodgers’s raw blues in place of Freddie’s flamboyance, is undisputedly the work of Queen.Not only can The Cosmos Rocks sit proudly in the Queen canon, it can also do the same alongside Rodgers’s work with Free and Bad Company.The intro to opening track Cosmos Rockin’ is a call to arms reminiscent of Brighton Rock, with chugging riffs that welcome you into a raucous, typically Queen rocker.As the album unfolds it rapidly becomes clear that all the components of classic Queen are here.It’s a work of extraordinary confidence, taking the band’s familiar blueprint and casually expanding it to encompass the organic blues and visceral soul of Paul Rodgers.Overall The Cosmos Rocks has more than enough power to take your breath away. Freddie’s legacy is in safe hands.


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