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Added on 08-Aug-2001

Earth AND Doin alright to feature on Tim Staffell solo album. Tim Staffell was lead singer in 'Smile', the band that 'became' Queen. More details have emerged of Tim Staffell album in progress. Based on feedback from participants in the Queenzone poll, two Smile tracks are to be reworked. Earth and Doin Alright..

Tim had this to say:

"The band as such has gone away for August, so We'll be re-convening in September, but it's going

great. We're basically hard at work perfecting the backing tracks at the moment, and I'm very pleased. I think I'll be able to achieve just the right kind of funky precision that I'm looking for.

So far the band has included:

Tim Staffell - Guitar, Bass

Andrew Staffell (Tim's son), Drums, programming

Richard Lightman (ex Tailfeather) Guitar, Bass, production

John Webster, a recent friend Guitar and bags of encouragement

I've decided to do BOTH Earth and Doin' Alright, but they may be quite different. Bizarrely, I find myself wishing Freddie was around to do some singing."

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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