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Next set of releases: 30th August, 2010

The Game / UK Cat no. QUEENLP 8 / ICPN 5099968486112

Hot Space / UK Cat no. QUEENLP 10 / ICPN 5099968486419

Made in Heaven / UK Cat no. QUEENLP 15 / ICPN 5099968486518

EMI Music and Queen continue with the re-release of the entire Queen studio album catalogue on long playing heavy-weight vinyl albums with the next set out on August 30th, 2010.

The album packaging will include every detail of the original releases in their original 12” format. Bonus posters, extra pictures, and all the unique content of the original albums will be faithfully reproduced.

This group of releases will consist of three classic Queen albums: The Game (1980), Hot Space (1982) and Queen’s very last studio album featuring Freddie Mercury, Made in Heaven (1995).

In a deliberate move, the albums have not been re-released chronologically but instead sequenced over the twenty-two year period of release allowing buyers wider choice with each new batch of releases.

The first set of releases were the classic Queen albums Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night At The Opera and A Day At the Races.

The second set were, the very first album Queen, along with News Of The World, Flash Gordon, A Kind of Magic and Innuendo.

The final set – Jazz, The Works and The Miracle – will be released later in the year.

Queen’s original studio albums:


Queen II

Sheer Heart Attack

A Night At The Opera

A Day At The Races

News Of The World


The Game

Flash Gordon

Hot Space

The Works

A Kind Of Magic

The Miracle


Made In Heaven

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