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Founded in 1989, the Liverpool based GaGa is now billed as presenting the ultimate tribute to perhaps one of the world's greatest rock bands. The present line up of guys - Graham Patrick (drums/vocals), John Holmes (lead vocals, guitar and keyboards) and Tony Pilling (bass guitar, vocals) do not try to impersonate Queen, but focus on recreating the same sound, energy and excitement of an original live Queen show.

Granted interview to Lady Taylor:

1- How did the band start?? Tell US a bit about it.

We started off as a cabaret band Playing cover versions from loads of

Different performers and bands. As we were big Queen fans we had quite a few

Queen songs in the set and one Day we were Asked to do a charity show

Playing just Queen songs. We did the show, loved it and decided to

Concentrate on just Queen from there on. This was 11 years ago.

2- To the vocalist, what is like to "replace" Freddie Mercury?

As I also play lead guitar I'm not replacing Freddie per se, and don't feel

That I have to try and mimic his stage performance. Instead I concentrate on

Doing the best I can with the vocals which isn't easy as he was such a

Fantastic Singer.

3- Has any of you already had another band, or played another kind of music?

Between US we've played heavy metal, gospel, punk and original material in

The past and have played with many different bands between US.

4- We would like to know how the guitarist and the drummer feel knowing that

Their idols (Brian e Roger) are still Playing... Have you already met them,

Or been to a concert?

Neither have US have been to one of the recent concerts, but both of US have

Seen the original Queen at least twice. We think it's great that they are

Still Playing as the songs should be performed, and who better to do it.

5- In your opinion, which Queen song is the most difficult to play?

From the point of view of getting everything tight, probably Brighton Rock.

The likes of Bicycle Race are also difficult to do properly.

6- Which Queen song is the best for each of you?

John - White Man

Graham - Death On Two Legs

Tony - A Kind Of Magic

7- Which Queen song you haven't played yet but you intend to do it someday?

We keep talking about doing It's Late and Death On Two Legs. Eventually we

Hope to get around to it.

8- Which was Queen's best concert, in your opinion? And which was your best

Performance covering Queen (when/where)?

From a sense of impact, you'd have to say Live Aid. From a personal point of

View we are tied between Wembly '86 and the Empire Theatre, Liverpool in

1979. We went to both so obviously this makes US biased. Our best

Performance was probably at the 11th Official Queen Convention. Fantastic

Night with a fantastic audience.

9- Does any of you have a solo project?

Not solo, but we are working on completing an album or original songs. We do

A Little then something comes up and we take time out. It's a long process

But something we are determined to do.

10- What are you dreams, as musicians?

Just to keep on performing in the way we are and hoping that people keep

Liking US. It would also be nice for the original album to be well received.

11- As you cover Queen songs, we suppose you like Queen... But which other

Band would you cover?

Probably U2 or Pink Floyd.

12- Every band has several problems... How do you solve yours?

We fight each other until one of US is left standing; he wins! Or we talk

Around the problem and generally GO with the person who feels most strongly

About their solution. Problems don't rear their Head that often.

13- Speaking about problems, what are the biggest problems and issues for a

Cover band? And what's the best "reward"?

Biggest problem is marketing the show and getting theatres to give you a try

In their venue. Audience reaction is the reward without doubt.

14- Queen without Freddie Mercury, Queen with Paul Rodgers... What do you

Think about it?

I don't pay to much attention to it really. Queen for me will always be

Brian, Roger, John and Freddie and anything e

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