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Excerpt From Interview With Roger Taylor/Paul Rodgers To Air VH1 Classic Sunday 10/23''Press Release Source: VH1 Classic''

''Roger Taylor and Paul Rodgers Speak Out on VH1 Classic About The Once and Future Queen''

Friday October 21, 11:32 am ET

''NEW YORK, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Roger Taylor and Paul Rodgers of Queen stop by VH1 Classic on Sunday, October 23 (10 am and 10 pm ET) and chat with Amy Scott about Freddie Mercury, why they are now performing together and their new CD and DVD ''Return of the Champions.''

''ROGER TAYLOR Says PAUL RODGERS Enhances What Queen Is Now And ISN'T Replacing FREDDIE MERCURY''

''I think Paul's vocals have added to our sound. In a way, they've given us more. We did actually come from the blues, although [we] might not sound like that all the time ... He's added that blues edge to this big world of sound that Brian and I kick up with our other guys.''

''It's given a different sort of slant to a lot of our material. And he does have the range to cover a lot of Freddie's notes because Freddie had a tremendous range. And he's Paul Rodgers, he's not trying to be Freddie Mercury, and I wish people would just understand that we're not doing this to cash in on anything.''

''We're not going out there with somebody pretending to be Freddie Mercury. You know what's the point of that? We're going out there, playing our songs, and Paul's songs as well -- he's got some great songs. We are what we are now, you know, we're not what we were then. Although we do a lot of our old material, obviously, 'cause really it's ours ... We're just going up, playing our songs, and it's a great show. And it rocks like hell. And we're very proud of it ... Paul is great to come back with. He's one of our all-time favorites. Certainly one of Freddie's favorite singers ever. And we used to listen to him before we ever made a record.''

''PAUL RODGERS Says Queen Songs Such As ''I Want to Break Free'' and ''The Show Must Go On'' Match His Passion''

''I love to take a song and grip it from somewhere way down here and deliver it back to people. Queen actually have a lot of songs that I can relate to on that level. Strangely enough, ''I Want to Break Free'' is one of those. Because to me, I feel most of us have something that we want to break free from. A relationship, a job. The place you live, whatever it might be. And so it has meaning on lots of levels. And there's another song that I really am particularly fond of that we do live called ''The Show Must Go On.'' That's something that Queen themselves only experienced in the studio. And, so we have the opportunity, it's like virgin territory when we go out and play that live onstage.''

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