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Added on 19-Oct-2010

CS: So you've been working on the Freddie Mercury film for a while now, so are you taking a similar approach as "The Queen" or "Frost/Nixon" or anything else you've written?

Morgan: Yeah, it ought to be more like that and using those muscles, so I'm doing a lot of interviews and trying to get the voice and listening to a lot of tapes, so I can write his dialogue and so his dialogue sounds different from everybody else's dialogue, so I'm spending as much time as I can with the existing Queen band members and I'm absolutely loving doing it.

CS: Growing up in England, Queen must have been fairly hard to avoid, so were you a fan of the band when you were growing up?

Morgan: No, I wasn't a fan of theirs at all, but I've become interested in them simply through the process of writing about them. But I am loving writing about them and I'm now devoted to Queen. (chuckles) No, it's good, it's really good, I'm having a good time.

CS: This is a little different because Freddie's no longer alive, whereas with the characters in "The Queen" and at least one half of "Frost/Nixon," they were still alive... whether that's good or bad.

Morgan: Trust me. Brian May and Roger Taylor are still very much alive. I'm meeting them and speaking to them all the time.

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