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Added on 19-Jun-2010

Next Friday, june 25, 8:00 PM (GMT -03:00 São Paulo/Brazil time)* I will attend the “Fanáticos por Coleções” (Collection Fanactics) program at the virtual TV station “AllTV” ( ), talking about Queen collecting and showing some interesting items from my collection. I think it will be the first webcast directed specifically to Queen collectors on the planet!

The program will be live, 1 hour long and you will be able to send your comments/questions** by clicking on “Chat” , entering a nickname (+ country please) on the “Não Sou Cadastrado” box and clicking on “Participar”. That way you’ll be on the “Ao Vivo” (Live) room along with the other Queen collectors from all over the world.

Don’t miss it!


*You can convert the São Paulo local date+time to your local date+time at .

**The questions must be related to Queen collecting (about rare records, recordings, etc), and not about the Queen history or the band members biographies. The program will be conducted in Brazilian Portuguese language, but if you ask in English I could reply in English too (if they allow me!).

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