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Added on 21-Nov-2007

Facebook group called "Fast for Freddie" I started based on my tradition of fasting every November 24th in Freddie Mercury's name for AIDS.My name is Tony and I live in Ontario, Canada. This Saturday November 24th is my 2nd annual "Fast for Freddie" Day, a day in which I spend not eating at all in the name of Freddie Mercury, in an attempt to raise money and awareness for AIDS. I emailed a local news station about my attempts to fight the disease in hopes that people worldwide may be inspired to fast with me on this sad day. This November 24th is Freddie's 16 anniversary for his death. It is sad, but by doing this I keep his memory alive. I urge everybody who cares enough about him, and about fighting this disease to join me in fasting. If you have a Facebook account, identify yourself by joining the group I started called "Fast for Freddie", and you can find it by typing that in in the search engine over Facebook. May Freddie's spirit live forever.

In case you were wondering, the only thing I am allowed to drink is water and/or juice, because that is all Freddie had on the day of his death. Miss you Freddie!!

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