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Added on 05-Nov-2009

FILIPINO prisoners have created a huge dance routine based on some of Queen's greatest hits.

Hundreds of inmates trained for weeks to learn the eight-minute dance with some cons dressing as ballerinas and wearing fluorescent tu-tus.

One viewer said: "It must have taken the inmates ages to work out all the dance moves, but I guess they don't have too much else to do in prison. It's a great routine though - Freddie Mercury would be very proud."

The inmates have released several other videos including a famous version of Michael Jackson's Thriller which has been watched 6million times on YouTube.

The choreography is put together by a con serving a lengthy jail sentence for mass murder.

The Cebu Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines used to be infamous for its gang violence, but is now famous for its dancing inmates.

Other performances include Lady Gaga's Just Dance, Sister Act and Jailhouse Rock.

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