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Added on 28-Apr-2002

With the beginning of the musical previews, reviews are starting to surface on the net.Pete Southgate wrote the following on the Queen newsgroup:

So out of ten what would I give it.......... I reckon at least an 8.

Apart from a couple of first night teething problems it was a good night, I

think it is not to be taken too seriously but they havent tried to make too

funny. Very Ben Elton, which I very much liked. The singing very very good

shared amongst the main characters male and female, all had good voices but

obviously were no Freddie Mercury! It was very clever how they worked each

song in, and I dont think the story was as tacky as some people have made it

out to be, you need to look at it with a good sense of humour.

I think the boys have done well!

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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