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Added on 12-Sep-2000

Fish has spoken about the potential for recording with Brian in the future...On his official web site, fish had this to say:

There have been rumours of a Brian May involvement (Hi Motti) in my career. I can only say that I have talked to Brian a few times in recent months and we are looking at an idea of writing together for the "Clarinda" movie due to start shooting in March/April 2001. Nothing is definite yet but our intentions are clear. All I can say is that Brian and I are good friends and he has expressed a clear desire to work together at some point and that he would love to contribute to a project if only as a "cameo" role. The situation is open and time will tell what happens.

With Roger Taylor also a collaborator and friend from the SAS lineup and Spike being Queen's ex keyboard maestro it is not difficult to imagine a "coming together" in a studio/writing situation. If the will is there...

Source: QMS

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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