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Added on 12-Dec-2005

Foos have paid tribute to Queen many times! In 2005 Taylor Hawkins started doing direct impressions of Freddie with the "Dey Oh!" impressions while on tour for In Your Honor. Before performing his song, "Cold Day In The Sun", he does a vocal warm up similar to Freddie's. This dates back as far as June 2005 in the Canadian tour. I saw them do it in person in Austin, Tx on 9/14/05. On 12/6/05, the last day of the Australian tour, Taylor Hawkins went as far to sing parts of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Foo Fighters have also covered Now I'm Here twice, once with Brian May and Roger Taylor. Pictures can be viewed on the official blackbox at and here :

On the radio they have jammed on Under Pressure, Now I'm Here,Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and it is even rumored that they played Sheer Heart Attack with a double drum solo featuring Taylor Hawkins and Roger Taylor in 1998.

The 12/06/05 show can be heard here:

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