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Added on 20-Jun-2005

Foo Fighters Discuss Queen Praise Queen As Influence On www.cduk.comQUEEN + FOO FIGHTERS?

In a recent interview Roger and Brian's hard rocking buddies Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters gave Queen and Freddie a nice little mention...

Were you nervous about being a frontman?

Dave: At first I was really nervous, because I had been a drummer for so long. I’d never been a singer before; this is the first time. Being a drummer is so much fun, ‘cos you have your big, bad-ass instrument in front of you, and you can sort of hide behind your hair or the drums! But becoming a frontman? It’s a weird responsibility, ‘cos you’re supposed to reek of personality and star quality, and I’ve never felt like I have that. I’ve never felt like David Bowie or Marilyn Manson or Freddie Mercury. I’ve always felt like a geek.

Speaking of Queen, did they ever offer the frontman job to you when they were casting about for a singer?

Taylor: There was a time when Brian May was saying they were going to do a Queen show with like lots of different singers. And they were, like: “We’d like you and Dave to come along and do some stuff.” But we wouldn’t really have time to do anything like that.

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