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Added on 09-Feb-2002

Foo Fighters Get Royal Treatment From Queen's Brian May Fri Feb 8, 5:37 PM ET 2/8/02, 5 p.m. ET) -- Former Queen guitarist Brian May recorded two

tracks with the Foo Fighters recently at Conway Studios in Los

Angeles. "Yes, I put a few brush strokes on two tracks for the

forthcoming Foos album," May revealed on the Queen website.

May elaborated, "One track is very aggressively rhythmic, and I

contributed some 'Get Down Make Love'-type guitar as well as some

soloing...For this session we improvised with more modern equipment

to get a similar effect--in fact slightly different--so it was

inspiring and seems to work well with the track...Of course it was

all experimental and I did it purely because it was fun to work with

my great pals."

He described the second "unusual" track, a kind of "narrative

ballad." "I contributed some Queen II lush harmony guitar sound


May didn't guarantee his stuff would make the cut. "They can use it

if in the cold light of day if the group (or [band leader] Dave

[Grohl]!) thinks it works!"

The Foos know May's work with Queen inside out, May added. "[Drummer]

Taylor [Hawkins] and Dave [Grohl] are familiar with everything Queen

ever did--and as soon as I turned the AC 30 up full, wound off the

treble, and fed my guitar into it with all the pickups in phase,

feeding back, sustaining like a cello, Taylor said, 'Ha! the White

Queen sound!!' He was spot on of course--haven't used that sound in

probably 15 years."

In an interview a while back, May told LAUNCH that the Foo Fighters

were one of his favorite "new" bands. At last year's Rock And Roll

Hall Of Fame ceremony in New York, May and the Foo Fighters hooked up

for a smoking version of Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down."

Fans can read about the band's induction into the Rock Hall at

-- Darren Davis, New York

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