News > Freddie box set available in NTSC - CONFIRMED

Added on 13-Oct-2000

The offical Fan Club has ended speculation about whether the Freddie box set will be available in NTSC.If you order through the offical site ( when you select your country you will be sent the DVD's that are suitable for your particular country.

Prices for Queenonline are 125 pounds UK, 145 pounds international. This includes the Freddie Mercury stamp / first day cover.

Alternatively, the price aware Queen fan can order it via Amazon for 85 pounds* (plus postage) by clicking here

People able to play PAL format DVD's are advised to go to to buy the set for 80 pounds inclusive of postage (registered air mail world wide).

* For international orders, VAT of 15 pounds is taken off the order as you progress for non-UK residents.

Submitted by: PieterMC

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