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Added on 29-Sep-2000

It appears that the standard reatil price for the Freddie Box set will be 120 pounds.On-line retailers in the UK are typically under-cutting this price, offering a price of around 100 pounds (this may be as little as 85 pounds for fans not in the UK - see advert above).

EMI Sydney (Australia) are now reporting that at this stage they are aware of the Freddie Box set, but at this stage have no plans to 'release it'. It is possible that they may at some stage, just before christmas, if not, next year. Either way, this will be too late for most Australian Queen fans.

Hollywood Records have bowed to public pressure and will be releasing the book set, but over a month after the general release in late November (Ed: 26 I believe).

Finish fans can look forward to a release of the set on the official release day (23 October) with a likely retail price of 1200-1500 FIM (about £120-150).

Source: Stephen Strahan,, QMS

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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