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Added on 15-Aug-2000

The complete track list for the long awaited Freddie box set appears to have emerged.CD 1 - Mr Bad Guy

CD 2 - Barcelona

CD 3 - Great Pretender

CD 4 - Singles 1973-85

I Can Hear Music

Goin' Back

Love Kills - 1984 Single Vsn

Love Kills - 1984 Extended Version

I Was Born To Love You*

Stop All The Fighting - B-Side

Stop All The Fighting - Extended

Made In Heaven*

She Blows Hot & Cold - B-Side

She Blows Hot & Cold - Extended

Living On My Own*

Love Is Dangerous*

Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow*

Let's Turn It On*

*=1985 Extended Versions

CD 5 - Singles 1986-93

Time - 1986 Single Version

Time - Extended

Time - Instrumental

In My Defence - LP Version

The Great Pretender - 1987 Single

The Great Pretender - Extended

Exercises In Free Love - B-side Barcelona - 1987 Single

Barcelona - Extended

How Can I Go On - 1987 Single

Living On My Own - 1993 Extended

Living On My Own - 1993 Radio Mix

Living On My Own - 1993 Club Mix

Living On My Own - 1993 Underground Mix

CD 6 - The Instrumentals


La Japonaise

The Fallen Priest


The Golden Boy

Guide Me Home

How Can I Go On?

Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow

Made In Heaven

Mr Bad Guy

There Must Be More To Life Than This

In My Defence

The Great Pretender

CD 7 - Rarities 1

Let's Turn It On - Acapella

Made In Heaven -Alternate Vsn

I Was Born To Love You - Vocal / Piano Ver.

Foolin' Around - Early Vsn

Foolin' Around - Original 198

Foolin' Around - Unreleased 12"

Foolin' Around - Instrumental

Your Kind Of Lover - Early Version

Your Kind Of Lover - Vocal & Piano

Mr Bad Guy - Orchestral Outake

Mr Bad Guy - Early Version

There Must Be More To Life Than This -Piano Outakes

Living On My Own - Hybrid Edit

My Love Is Dangerous - Early Vsn

Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow - 1st,2nd & 3rd Early Versions & Live Take

She Blows Hot & Cold - Alternative Ver Gazelle - Demo

Money Can't Buy Me Happiness - Demo Love Makin' Love - Demo

God Is Heavy - Demo

New York - Demo

CD 8 - Rarities 2

The Duet/Idea (2 Versions)- Extracts From Garden Lodge

Barcelona - Early Version,Vocal Slave & Later Version

La Japonaise - Demo Vocal & ACapella

Rachmaninov's Revenge - Early & Demo Versions

Excercises / Ensueno - Live Takes

The Golden Boy - Early, 2nd Early & Acapella Versions

Guide Me Home - Alternate Version

How Can I Go On - Alternate Versions

How Can I Go On - Outake & Piano


When This Old Tired Body Wants To Sing - Demo

CD 9 - Rarities 3

Rain - Ibex

Green - Wreckage

Man From Manhatten - Eddie Howell

Love Is The Hero - Billy Squier 12"

Lady With The Tenor Sax - Billy Squier

Hold On - With Jo Dare

Heaven For Everyone - Cross 1988

Love Kills - Rock Mix & Instrumental

Great Pretender - Demo

Holding On - Demo

It's So You - Demo

I Can't Dance - Demo

I Keep Smilin' - Demo

Horns Of Doom - Demo

Yellow Breezes - Demo

Have A Nice Day-Fanclub Message

CD 10 - David Wigg Interviews

DVD 1 - Video Collection

This features all of the solo videos specially remixed for Surround Sound


DVD 2 - The Untold Story

A revealing film portrait of his off-stage life by those who knew him best.

Also includes an interactive photographic exhibition.

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