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Added on 01-Sep-2000

Allthough only a few tracks can be heard at the Queen Official website of the Freddie box, much more is online but hidden!DON'T look at this, if... don't want to hear unreleased Freddie tracks NOW!!!

And who would? :-)

On the new Freddie site you can listen to a few complete tracks online,

but there are many more available! They're just not linked yet. So

go on and spoil part of your waiting fun, go mess around at:

They're not videos though, but complete audio tracks. Seems like EMI has

chosen an amateur partner that lets us access them too soon, but let's not

pass the opportunity... =)

** this msg is taken from QMS **

Extra info:

click on the link, you'll get a file list,

then click on the html files belonging to

each track, then click on the link to the RA file and it should play!

Submitted by: proton

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