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Added on 12-Feb-2008

Jewelry Collection Celebrates Rock Icon Freddie Mercury of Queen, Inspired by His Universal Message of Love, Designer Udi Behr Introduces LOVE – Made in Heaven: The Freddie Mercury Collection from Love and Pride“I’m not married to music. I’m married to love.” Freddie Mercury

Appointed "Jeweler to Queen", Love and Pride brings you the first selections of an exclusive collection in 18k gold, silver, leather, diamonds and semi-precious stones in celebration of rock legend Freddie Mercury.

Each of the first edition pieces of the LOVE – Made in Heaven collection is emblazoned with the word LOVE, with the letter "O" executed in a stunning, patented double trillion – a personal tribute to Freddie – and a way for all touched by his talent to continue the love affair.

Also featured, the exclusive "Made in Heaven" signature - inspired by Freddie's final album with Queen.

Fabulous first selections of our collection with much more to come - and now only available at Love and Pride.

Ed: I didn't realize that Freddie's universal message was love... Note, the website spells Freddie with a "y" on the left-hand menu.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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