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Peter Freestone, author of this work, was Freddie Mercury’s personal assistant in the last 12 years of his life. He lived with Mercury in London, Munich and New York and was with the singer when he died.

“I was chief cook and bottle washer, waiter, butler, valet, secretary, amanuensis… and agony aunt. I travelled the world with him, I was with him at the highs and came through the lows with him. I acted as his bodyguard when needed and in the end, of course, I was one of his nurses”, says Freestone.

This is the most intimate account of Mercury’s life ever written and the truth beyond the rumors.

Title: Freddie Mercury

Subtitle: ‘An intimate memoir by the man who knew him best’

Original title: Freddie Mercury

Authors: Peter Freestone and David Evans

Translator: Ana Death Duarte

Number of pages: 288


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