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Added on 06-Jan-2007

The heartfelt tribute-book to Freddie (released last 24 November 2006)is also now sale at the Barzar Suisse shop in Rue 24- Montreux for 19 chf.(12.euros).The Italian fans can also find it at Fnac and Feltrinelli stores, some Ricordi and Mondadori branches. On-line at my publisher: and

Two copies are on the way for Jacky (Gunn)Smith and Mr. Jer Bulsara! Peter Freestone met Linda and kindly viewed the book.His words were "I see. It's a book written by a fan, from the fans to the fans".

Linda is already working on a repressing but can't yet say if and when it'll be printed in other languages.

Linda is at a good stage on writing a second tribute-book about another Queen member-which is a suprise

Linda Curtis


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