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Added on 17-Feb-2005

A celebrity impersonator talent show featured a Freddie impersonator.On Australian tv show Starstruck on Monday night, where impersonators battle it out to win a show in Las Vegas, a man did an impersonation of Freddie Mercury.

He was quite good, he sung We Are the Champions while playing the piano. He looked very much like him in the yellow Wembley jacket and when he stood up, his movements were very Freddie-like. His only problem was that he had a very thick Scottish accent that you could not when he was singing.

One judge said something about how Freddie was an amazing performer and people like you keep his memory alive. The other said that he was good but if he had one comment to make was that he performed it a bit camp (jokingly of course) and then went on to say that most people don't realise that Queen was called that because Freddie was a monarchist or something like that.

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