Added on 29-May-2009

Zagreb Mayor Summons The Dead For Help

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic would like to see Freddie Mercury of Queen perform in the Croatian capital.

It seem that Milan Bandic is not familiar with the old saying "think before you leap". He launched a new “musical” verbal gaff on Thursday night on the Croatian Radio Television Vip Music Club show.

When asked whom he would like to hold a concert in Zagreb, he replied it would definitively be David Bowie, but Freddie Mercury could also come. There is nothing strange about that, many would say, they are great men of the music industry after all. Except, of course, a tiny hiccup: the Queen singer has been pushing up the daises for the past 18 years.

Bandic is not that good in the music department, which is something the public could see during a press conference anent U2 holding a show in Zagreb. On this occasion, Bandic expressed concern about the letter U, because it might be reminiscent of the Ustasha movement.

Also, Bandic could not remember which U2 song was dearest to him, without the help of his associates. He just mumbled that it might be Bloody Sunday.

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