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Added on 04-Mar-2006

AOL's music page features a list from Blender of the "Top 50 Awesomely Dead Rock Stars." Freddie is No. 17."Get Rich or Die Trying: In 1990, Queen's worth stood at $25.9 million; in the wake of the publicity following Mercury's widely mourned demise, that figure rose to $44 million for 1993.

The Show Must Go On: In 2002 the Queen musical We Will Rock You debuted in London and grossed $60 million in its first two years, with subsequent productions following in Australia, Russia, Germany, Spain and Las Vegas. That success prompted the release of "new" Queen product, as have the live activities of the current Paul Rodgers–fronted version of the band. While the latter diminishes Queen's brand value, the personal reputation of Mercury has been enhanced, with critical opinion generally agreeing that Rodgers is unfit to wear his predecessor's crown, metaphorical or otherwise.

Peer Plaudits: Playing a Queen cover is a surefire way to please a crowd while allowing them a moment of unabashed stadium-rock flamboyance -- Green Day routinely encore with "We Are the Champions"; a 2005 tribute album, Killer Queen, featured Sum 41 and Flaming Lips. Finally, without Freddie Mercury, the Darkness's Justin Hawkins would probably be working as a plumber."

Freddie's popularity is predicted by Blender to be on the rise in 2006. It should be mentioned that this unusual list includes the likes of Stephen Foster and Alan Lomax; apparently they ran out of rock stars. And there is no explanation for the inexplicable phrase "awesomely dead."

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