News > Freddie Mercury Memorial Night, near Rome, next 25th Nov.

Added on 28-Oct-2006

Take a look here: Italian Queen Fans Community

The Italian forum "In The Lap Of The Gods" and

are happy to announce that there will be a

"Freddie Mercury Memorial Night" in Rome, next 25th Nov 2006,

to celebrate the life and the music of the one and only "Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs" the world has never known.

The Italian Queen Tribute band EVERQUEEN ( ) will play Queen's songs all night long at the "Totem Village Pub" ( ) in Velletri (near Rome).

There will be a lot of Queen music, videos, and more.

So, all Italians Rock 'n' Roller fans are welcome!

Freddie, Brian, Roger and John will rock our heart forever... So see you in Rome!

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