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Added on 25-Nov-2005

Freddie Mercury Namechecked In 2 Articles 11/19/05 NME MagazineFreddie Mercury is fondly namechecked in 2 articles in the 11/19/2005 issue of NME Magazine.

Page 29 ''The 25 Best Gigs Of The Year For 2005''

NME actually chose in their list of the best 25 gigs for 2005, Pete Doherty's performance at Live 8 which I shall take the 5th and say no comment their commets about Pete, they namechecked Freddie Mercury!

''Pete Doherty, July 2, 2005 Live 8.'' There is a photo of Pete usual rare form at Live 8 with the caption, ''Freddie Mercury's 1985 understudy finally gets his chance 20 years on.''

Page 35 Great Interview/Article with My Chemical Romance also namechecks Freddie Mercury.

''The album that's blown up for My Chemical Romance is ''Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge'', a brilliantly ridiculous punk rock opera. Imagine Freddie Mercury writing the soundtrack for ''Edward Scissorhands'' and you'll get the idea.

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