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QUEEN’S Bohemian Rhapsody is the song most likely to be found on British iPods. More than 40% of owners have the mega hit, which tops a chart of the favourite 50 MP3 player tracks.

The 1970s classic beat current star Lady GaGa, 25, into second place, with her Bad Romance featuring on a third of players.

She was the only artist to appear twice in the top five, with Poker Face also a big favourite.

Making up the top five in the poll for car maker SEAT are Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and Everybody Hurts by REM.

The Beatles have four songs in the list, a feat matched by Coldplay. Other favourites include U2, The Killers and Rihanna, 23.

Eddy Lawrence, from Time Out Magazine, said: “It’s interesting to see how varied the genres are, going from classic rock to retro soul to grunge.”

SEAT reckons at least one of the tracks appears on every iPod in the country.

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