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Added on 26-Sep-2005

Former Queen's frontman Freddie Mercury is all set to rock the world with his new record to be released 14 years after his death.Mercury's bandmate Brian May says he has uncovered tapes of the star 'Tinkering Around' in the studio, and is planning to release them in the form of songs.

"There are still some things in the vaults with Freddie messing about on vocals which fans won't have heard. There are bits of him tinkering around, which could be used. I expect they will get released at some point because I am sure people will want to hear them," the Daily Star quoted May as saying.

May also denied rumours that there were plans to replace Freddie in the band, which is presently led by former Free singer Paul Rodgers.

"There have been so many stories doing the rounds over the years that we were looking for someone to replace Freddie and quite frankly they were all nonsense. I always said if we find someone then I want it to happen organically and naturally and that is exactly what happened I played on stage with Paul a couple of times and we just clicked," he said.,00110005.htm

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