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Added on 11-Feb-2007

Freddie Mercury's Montreux TourFreddie Mercury's Montreux Tour

Discover the brand-new Bavaria-Tour and its fantastic fields of experiences.

Walk in Freddie’s footsteps, guided by PETER FREESTONE himself – you’ll never

forget what you will live!

One of Freddie’s favourite Restaurants by the time he stayed in Montreux was “THE BRASSERIE

BAVARIA”. He loved its food and the rustic, authentic atmosphere there. This Restaurant is going to be

definitely closed in a few months, as a new building will take place there. In order to give all Freddie

fans the possibility to discover FOR THE VERY LAST TIME this extraordinary place cherished by Freddie, organises – from February until December 2007 - this very exclusive and timelimited

walking tour with PETER FREESTONE. Take the opportunity and book right now!

The number of participants by tour is limited to 25; quorum for each tour is 15.



You are welcomed by Peter Freestone in person!

Amazing! Peter Freestone will cook for you a few of Freddie’s favourite food in the very

original kitchen of the Restaurant “LA BRASSERIE BAVARIA” opening on Saturday exclusively

for the guests. No other clients but Freddie fans! The menu is never the

same. Please indicate when booking your tour if you are a vegetarian.

Lunch and private chat with Peter

Walking tour through Montreux : the statue, the former Mountain Studio, the places Freddie

loved to go… guided by Peter who knew Freddie best and stayed with him for the 12 last years

of his live.

Private boat trip to the famous Lake House (appearing on the “Made in Heaven” album)

Tea and cake at the “MONTREUX PALACE”, Freddie’s residence for many times in Montreux.

PRICE PER PERSON (including lunch, boat trip and teatime):

99. – euros



Duration of each tour: from 12 p.m. to around 6 p.m.

February 2007 24 August 2007 04 25

March 2007 03 31 September 2007 29

April 2007 07 28 October 2007 13 27

May 2007 05 26 November 2007 03

June 2007 02 30 December 2007 01 29

July 2007 07 28

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