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Added on 12-Sep-2003

This special day was a huge succes! Queen fans from Germany, Holland, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Russia, USA, Argentina, France and maybe more countries gathered at the most wonderful and gorgeous Queen related location, Montreux...It was really a beautiful day, the sun was shining, we all felt good and nothing was going to stop us from having the most impressive day ever! All the great things the fans saw where Freddie used to be and lived, gave his wild parties, recorded, where he was feeding his favorite swans and strolling along the boulevard. The statue has been given the most perfect spot in Montreux. A real honor to such a great star! Montreux breaths peace and quiet! All the people present really understood and felt why Freddie loved being there. The organization did one hell of a job to make sure the fans got what they came for and more.

In the evening everyone went to the music hall the NED and listened to Queen music, brought to them by Miracle. For those who weren't there... you all missed one hell of a lot!

Submitted by: Johnnie

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