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Added on 22-Aug-2003

A Fox show that takes "everyday citizens who dream of being pop stars," gives them makeovers and puts them in front of a live audience will have a Freddie Mercury featured performer.The show, "Performing As...," will air its premiere on Tuesday, August 26 8-9pm EST.

On the "Performing As..." website, there's an interview clip with the contestants with and details about the show.

Here's the info for our Freddie double:



New York, New York

Age: 34

Occupation: Special education school teacher.

Personal info: Lawrence has spent his whole life striving to become a successful musician. Despite his insatiable drive, Lawrence takes time out from his pursuit to help the less fortunate, teaching music to autistic children."

This show is the American version of "Stars In Their Eyes" and "Soundmix." Other performers that night will be a Tina Turner, a Celine Dion, a Tim McGraw, and a Christina Aguilera.

The photo of Faljean/Freddie in Magic Tour get-up, a la Gary Mullen.

So let's see if Larry does Freddie (and North America) proud. In the interview he seems very driven.

Submitted by: Daniel Nester

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