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A moving letter written into a newspaper from an ill fan about Freddie Mercury's kindnessLetter written to the Daily Mail by an ill fan.

Tuesday September 5, would have been the 60th birthday of outrageous rock legend Freddie Mercury, who also had a caring side to his nature.

Twenty years ago, I was very ill with spinal cancer. My late mother wrote to Freddie for a signed photo to cheer me up, and just days later Freddie sent me lots of gifts, including a sketch he had drawn of Queen.

The night before I had to go back into hospital, Freddie arranged with my mother to telephone me. He talked about when he lived in Liverpool, as a young singer in a band called IBEX.

He made me laugh with a story about being helped across the road by two Liverpool pensioners after he fell off his platform shoes and sprained his ankle.

For a man who was, unknown to the public, already ill to take time to cheer up a young fan was incredibly brave. He gave me the courage to face yet another operation on my spine. And a week after my surgery, a huge bouquet arrived at the hospital from him.

Freddie was a world star but also a kind and compassionate man. I'm now confined to a wheelchair but I always feel like getting up to dance when I hear a Queen song. I bet Freddie has them rocking in heaven.

Mrs Fiona Lemstone, Liverpool (peron who wrote in)

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