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Added on 14-Jul-2004

Programme on channel five (uk) about freddies loversWatched this this evening and was actually pleased to see it wasnt too sordid or deep. It basically told you what most fans already know- the camp names, who freddie dated. there were one or two comments on his penis size, but we've also heard those before! all in all, it was more like a collection of interviews, not sad like the bbc freddie programme, but in the same production style. most importantly, it didnt hang over the issue of aids or freddies death, which was briefly commented on at the end. jim looked a little tired and thin himself sadly. mary did not feature, not shockingly, and nor did the band on indeed any of his family (which seems to make sense)

All in all, this was well presented and researched by the sometimes underrated channel five crew.

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