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Added on 10-May-2005

Freddie Mercury's mother, sister and neice were at the Sheffield gig on Monday 9th May !Well its true ! I saw them myself and then walked past them at the end of the show to make sure. Freddies mother,sister & neice attended the Sheffield gig at the Hallamfm arena.They sat in Block 102 Row F and had the surrounding seats in front of them, behind and to one side of them kept free ! It was amazing to see Freddies sister as the family resemblence is (obviously) there ! For me it made this gig incredibly special and Brian dedicated 'Love of my life' to Freddie's mum rather than Freddie. He was wiping tears from his eyes when he finished- it was really moving.

By the way the Sheffield crowd rocked and lived up to the moment. Certainly one of the best shows of this tour yet except for Roger botching up a verse of 'These are the Days'.

Setlist (not in order or complete) included Wishing well, cant get enough of your love, Another one bites the dites, Under pressure( Brians bonus track to us :P )as well as show must go on. An awesome gig with a slightly longer setlist- probably due to being filmed for DVD release.

Keep rockin everyone


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