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Added on 18-Nov-2005

After a previous auction on ebay failed due to dozens of retracted bogus bids, Freddie Mercury's Rolls Royce will now be auctioned by SellStuffEasy"....Mercury’s cherished 1974 Silver Shadow goes on sale today (Thursday 17 November) at 8.30pm, in a two-stage auction procedure entirely new to eBay, conducted by on-line sales specialists SellStuffEasy. The aim is to protect the singer’s family (who inherited the car in 1991) from a flood of frivolous bids, while ensuring that serious collectors have a clear run at bidding for their prize.

“Such a fantastic piece of rock memorabilia is bound to attract a lot of interest,” says SellStuffEasy director Darren Henderson. “Unfortunately, fans can get carried away, placing bids they can’t actually honour. Our pre-registration auction is designed to protect both the family and collectors, by ensuring that only serious bidders proceed to the auction proper.“

Bidders’ identities will be checked, and a deposit of £5,000 will be required to enter the bidding. Unsuccessful bidders will have their deposits returned in full - but potential buyers who withdraw their bids will lose their money.

The registration period will last ten days, with final bidding beginning on 27 November. The car, which made its last public appearance at the London premiere of We Will Rock You, is sold with a letter of authenticity from Mercury’s sister - along with a new alarm system, and, of course, the Kleenex.

London-based company SellStuffEasy specialises in the secure on-line auction of high value items such as designer furniture, fashion and collectables, with recent transactions ranging from a dining table with royal connections to Mulberry handbags.

“Until now, it hasn’t really been possible to sell such high-profile items successfully on eBay, “ explains Henderson. ‘ A Google search on this car reveals over 400,000 entries: vendors would be swamped by bids, unable to distinguish the bogus bids from the genuine ones. Equally, discerning collectors have tended to stick to the salerooms, where they can be sure of the authenticity of the lots. But by augmenting our secure sales service with this two-stage procedure, we are satisfied we can at last offer a safe and satisfactory trading environment to both buyers and sellers.“...

quoted from the SellStuffEasy press release

For further information, contact Darren Henderson on 020 7237 3700 or email

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