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Added on 07-Jul-2010

HIS famous guitar riffs may have stood the test of time. Sadly for Brian May, his trademark hairdo has not.

The 62-year-old Queen guitarist looked decidedly ashen as he stepped out in London this week.

It is in stark contrast to twelve months ago, when the star's famous head of unruly curls appeared jet black.

And he appears to have discarded the dye bottle in recent months and opted instead to let nature take its course.

The issue of his hair has often been a touchy subject for the aged rocker, who has reacted badly to accusations he has had a perm to maintain frizzy locks.

He once said: 'This stupidity of people who say I have a perm or whatever. It baffles me. All this 'poodle' c**p. It pi***s me off. Because there's so much good stuff to talk about.'

May, who joined Queen in 1971, once admitted that although he had been embarrassed of his hair in the early days of the band, he later thought of them as cool. He has now maintained the same style for almost four decades, changing its length only marginally in that time.

Unchanging man: Brian still uses the unique home-made guitar he built as a teenager

Unchanging man: Brian still uses the unique home-made guitar he built as a teenager

However, his fading hair can't have been helped by his recent stress levels, following an angry outburst directed at a Tory councillor in April.

The star described Leicestershire County Council leader David Parsons' as a ‘pathetic, arrogant, snivelling little dweeb’ in an extraordinary clash over fox hunting.

May launched an anti-hunting campaign, prompting an impassioned defence of the Quorn Hunt, which has operated in Leicestershire for more than 300 years.

Mr Parsons said: ‘I fear people in rural communities are not going to take lectures from a cosseted London rock star.’

As soon as May heard about the comments in a local paper, he posted an abusive tirade on his website alongside a picture of the councillor.

He labelled Mr Parsons a ‘disgrace’ and threatened to have his ‘guts for garters’ if the pair came within ‘sniffing distance’.

‘How dare you presume to judge me, and insult me? You don’t know anything about me, little man,’ May said.

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