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Added on 11-Jul-2005

Full Transcription, Roger Taylor Tribute By Steven Adler From Rhythm MagazineHere is the actual full transcription of Steven Adler's Tribute to Roger Taylor from and in the July 2005 20th Anniversary British Drum Icons Edition of Rhythm Magazine.

Page 54

Under Gorgeous color photo of Roger Taylor Pounding the tubs!

Stven Adler '' Roger Taylor is a drum god and a true rock star! When I was a kid, I had all of Queen's records and I would listen to them over and over on my little record player at my grandma's house. Roger could play so off-time, but so ''on-time'', you know what I mean? It wasn't just the typical one, two beat over and over. He was so in the pocket with that band. Every note they played together just hit you and they made some of the greatest music ever.''

''Roger's style of playing was unique and original, and the way he would open the hi-hat every time he hit the snare was so cool. His groove was right on, and I loved the way he used the cowbell. He really inspired me, and I learned my single foot style from Roger. He's been a huge influence on me. What Roger did best was being able to keep people's hands clapping and their feet tapping along, and that's really what it's all about.''

''Some of my favorite recordings by Roger Taylor (and Queen) are ''Sheer Heart Attack'', ''News Of the World'', and of course, ''Queen'' and ''Queen II'', particularly, ''Ogre Battle'' from the latter.''

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