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Added on 23-Dec-2006

Mallvika Nanda (HT City) New Delhi, December 23, 2006 "I’d sit alone and watch your light, My only friend through teenage nights, And everything I had to know, I heard it on my radio… You had your time you had the power, You’ve yet to have your finest hour, Radio… Radio Ga Ga…" Long ago when Queen’s Freddie Mercury sung Radio Ga Ga, maybe it was a subtle reference to the finest hour which we are witnessing now — the radio boom which is loud and clear.

This boom has made radio jockeying the coolest career option for the hip and happening GenZ.

And if seeing is be lieving, the incessant rush of wannabe RJ’s who thronged the Fever 104 stall at the recently-held HT Youth Nexus made our conviction further stronger. The fever is certainly on the rise.,00110002.htm

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