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Added on 29-Sep-2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007 10. ''We Will Rock You'' by Queen ... Steroid abuser Jose Canseco slammed many homers while crowds in Oakland slammed their feet to this tune.

9. ''Takin' Care of Business'' by Bachman Turner Overdrive ... A classic Saginaw Gears hockey tune, a lot of teeth were lost on the ice to this song.

8. ''The Chicken Dance'' by Werner Thomas ... Usually reserved for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, this classic gets blood circulating during three-hour baseball games.

7. ''YMCA'' by Village People ... Anytime an indian, construction worker, policeman and cowboy get together, good times are to be had.

6. ''Who Let the Dogs Out?'' by Baha Men ... FYI: This song won a Grammy in 2001 for Best Dance Recording.

5. ''We are the Champions'' by Queen ... No one fires up a crowd more than Freddie Mercury.

4. ''The Final Countdown'' by Europe ... Every time I hear this song, visions of Joe Dumars knocking down a 3-pointer and Bill Laimbeer knocking out a Celtic come to mind.

3. ''Centerfield'' by John Fogerty ... Any memories of walking up the ramp and into Tiger Stadium usually include this diddy.

2. ''Rock and Roll (Part 2)'' by Gary Glitter ... Without sporting events, this convicted sex offender would earn roughly eight cents a year in royalties from this song.

1. ''Na Na Hey Hey (Tell Him Goodbye)'' by Steam ... Nothing promotes bad sportsmanship like this song at the end of a blowout.

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