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Added on 07-Aug-2002

To be able to determine which Queen songs fans would like to hear performed live by MIRACLE, the Dutch Queen cover band, they decided to put a poll on their site.If you go to or you will see a button "Queen song vote". If you click on it you'll go to a page on which you can see almost every song by Queen and some Queen-related songs. The songs not mentioned there are already in the MIRACLE setlist, so should not be mentioned again in there.

Make your own choice there. You can vote for more than one song. That way MIRACLE is able to make choices and can be sure of picking the right songs. If however, there is a song not mentioned in the list or not to be found on the present setlist by MIRACLE, you can go to the "Mail the band"-page and send your suggestion.

And you never know, maybe you can hear your choice being played by MIRACLE the next time you see them live!

Remember, we play to hopefully please everyone, including ourselves! Because "We're Queen fans playing for Queen fans"

Submitted by: Johnnie

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