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Added on 23-Sep-2009

It's difficult to really say whether the genius of Glee created yet another resurgence in popularity for Journey's classic "Don't Stop Believin'", or it's really the brilliance of the song that precipitated Glee becoming a smash hit. Whichever is the truth, the bet is that Glee producers are hoping Queen's "Somebody To Love" will be round two of pop culture magic between the show and a classic song. The Glee version of "Somebody To Love" has even been released to iTunes a week in advance of the show instead of the same week that it appears in primetime.

"Somebody To Love," originally recorded by Queen, is truly a pop classic. In its original form, released in 1976, the powerfully emotional song went to #2 in the UK and the top 20 in the US. It took on even more emotional resonance when George Michael performed "Somebody To Love" with the remaining members of Queen at the 1992 Tribute to Freddie Mercury following the untimely death of the group's lead vocalist from AIDS.

* Watch Queen's "Somebody To Love"

* Watch George Michael with Queen perform "Somebody To Love"

* Listen to the Glee cast sing "Somebody To Love"

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