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Added on 13-Sep-2004

More poems and memoir by the author of God Save My Queen. A time-honored tradition in rock and roll, the promising debut calls for a follow-up sequel. Daniel Nester, the author of the critically acclaimed God Save My Queen: A Tribute, is back with God Save My Queen II: The Show Must Go On.

This second volume continues the lyrical and autobiographical noodling of the first, with riffs on all of the Queen’s the remaining album tracks as well as selected solo work.

A hybrid of prose poem, memoir, and liner notes, God Save My Queen II describes one record nerd’s odyssey of obsession, awkwardness, and isolation as a superfan of the British rock band Queen, and ends with the tragic 1991 death of Queen’s frontman, Freddie Mercury, from AIDS, and a hidden-track dream of a last concert that never was.

Praise for God Save My Queen: A Tribute

Nester’s method considers a serious fanis bliss impeccably. –The New York Times Book Review

This book is touching, highly literate, thought-provoking and very funny, in every way as over-the-top as Queen ever was. –Maximum Rock N Roll

God Save My Queen is an intimate listening guide to psychosexual awakening, track by track, album by album. Tenderly and methodically, with an awkward grace, the boy fits inside the band as the band fits inside the headphones. –Crossroads: The Journal of the Poetry Society of America

[Nester] makes telling linkages--and he makes his own confessions, but cryptically, so the references can be entered on the reader's own terms. The effect is not to exhaust his subject, but to increase its mystery and thereby its magic. –The Stranger, Seattle

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