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Added on 08-Nov-2005

Green Day Discuss Including WATC As Regular Song In Their Concert RepertoireGreen Day not only performed Queen's ''We Are The Champions'' at the Berlin leg of Live 8, but also perform it regularly at all of their concerts. This excerpt from interviews Bassist Mike Dirnt about the band making WATC one of the regular highlights of their live tour and the meaning that the song holds for them.

''Green Day comment on ''Champions''''

''Though it's not included on the Live 8 DVD that's just been released, Green Day's rendition of Queen's ''We Are The Champions'' in Berlin was one of the highlights of the day. Bassist Mike Dirnt told us that ''Champions'' has been a staple in Green Day's covers repertoire and seemed appropriate to the Live 8 occasion:''

[ click here to listen if you have a Backstage Pass] ''That's a song that we've just been pulling out live for a little while now. I think it just kind of made sense to play it at Live 8 because that song is such an anthem for, you know, solidarity, and I think that's what we were, what Live 8 was about, was a call for solidarity, you know, on this planet to try and, you know, aleave some of the poorest countries' debts.''

''Green Day's performance of ''American Idiot'' is included on the Live 8 DVD.''

''Green Day release a concert DVD, Bullet In A Bible, on November 15th, featuring a May concert from the Milton Keynes National Bowl in the UK, along with band interviews and backstage footage.''

''Green Day's last two concerts of the year will be next month in Australia, December 14th in Sydney and December 17th in Melbourne.''


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