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Added on 16-May-2001

Greg Brooks playlist and answers to questions at the Con 2001 PLAY LIST GREG BROOKS from the Convention

BBC 4th session, April 1974

1 Nevermore (clearly different, bit heavier at the end)

2 White Queen (different, like a demo-sound)

3 TMLWKY 1998 with Freddie (diff guitar at the end, extra drums, no singing

at the end, extra long guitar at end)

4 Kashoggi ship/Party November 1988 (early demo with diff songtext)

5 Ride The Wild Wind, (Roger on Guide-vocals, large drum sound, no Freddie

on this demo)

6 Innuendo sessions: Headlong, (5 mins long, without music, ONLY bas+drums,

Brian lead vocals , electronic drums)

7 Invisible Man , (Roger sings a rough vocal guide, different early demo, basic music)

8 Kashoggi's Ship, (vocals only, Freddie does a rough guide vocal 9 Man Made Paradise, (a 50 sec Queen version)

10 FACE IT ALONE, (An UNRELEASED Queen ballad! "crying" guitar from Brian!

GREAT! 10 mins long, 3 pieces of demos)

11 Breakthrough (alternate version)

12 Under Pressure: alt title : "Feel Like", rough early demo with many guitar and not the known piano guide! total diff music and with ad hoc guide vocals. BOWIE on the piano!

Answers to Questions from fans to GREG:

- - ALL 15 BCC tracks will be in the Queen box

- - 1st Queen box expected at end of NEXT year, format yet unknown

- - Man Made Paradise, there is a Queen version, will be in the box, the

demo's for Freddie solo album are not very different though, that's why the track did not appear in the Freddie box.

- - DVD's or CD-ROM *will* be used in the box, format unknown yet, some interactive thing it will be.

- - Greg is almost sure that after the Queen boxes, a LIVE box will be released

- - Michael Jackson tracks: Greg is positive that the tracks will eventually

appear on a CD in some form, there is 1 track in the Queen archives: VICTORY, but they aren't allowed yet to release it! the track has all the queen boys singing backing vocals!

- - Greg's idea about the box format: 3 boxes, each having 3-6 CD's. THIS IS



the amount could be up to 8 CD's per box.

- - a selection of tracks will be released in the box as instrumentals, like

with the Freddie box

- - The Queen archive has 4000 tapes!!! 3/4 is safety copies or

work-copies though

- - MOTHER LOVE, numerous versions with Roger and Brian singing exist

- - alternate versions of "These are the Days of Our Lives" exist, but all

slightly diff though

- - Fast WWRY, no other version than the BBC version exists

- - After the Queen boxes, Greg will almost surely be asked to log the archived tapes of Roger and Brian, if any boxes of these guys will be made is still unsure...

- - The QUEEN LIVE book took 5 years to make, it was not intended as a book

first, only research, 80% is accurate, if Greg would release the book now, it would be much more accurate!

Contributor note: Wow...and this is just *some* of the material!

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