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Added on 27-Jun-2002

Heineken CDrom scans at: Scans at:

(had no time yet to put them on a website...)

about the CD:

contains info on the concert performed by Roger and Brian in Amsterdam

on 30th April.

Size: 467mb data

Interactive cdrom for PC only, using macromedia and quicktime

CD has about a dozen video's, 5 songs from the concert are on the CD.

The rest is videoclips with interviews with Roger&Brian, backstage, audience,

auditions for the musicial, building the musical stage, info on the musical

in text format, screensavers and desktopbackgrounds.

It looks cool, but 4 songs are missing, for which there is enough space, a

cdrom can hold up to 700mb and there's only 467mb on it...

No cdaudio part, though it was announced that that would be also on the CD...

No mac support, windows pc only.

the videos are quicktime, so you can't play the cd on a dvd-player.

The CD can only be ordered on the heineken website by Dutch people since

you need a dutch bank-account number, also 1 CD only per order.

rating: (scale from 1 to 10),

For design: 8

contents: 5 (since stuff is missing)

Greetz, Freddie


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